Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Who is who?

Hedwig, can you help me tell your brothers apart?

Fawkes, definitely Fawkes.. I think

Belly spots belong to Crookshanks.. maybe?

Yes, those have got to be Crookshank's spots..

Ok, then who am I?  The guy with the long toes doesn't count!

Crazy boy, DEFINITELY Crookshanks..

And I have a straight tail, so I must be Fawkes, or does it just look straight?

bet you can't tell!

Yup, I'm sure of it

Hum... how bout I just wrestle them both and not care..

Sounds like a plan to me my dear..


  1. The long toes are priceless.

    An inordinate number of fancy-toed kittens seem to end up here! Something in the water?

  2. Oh I just don't care who is who...I love 'em both! Hedwig too!

  3. Squeeeee!! You all are so cute!!


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