Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Jack a doodle doo

My boy is almost as stubborn as I am.. He also still sounds so horrible with his snuffly nose.  I'm also letting my paranoia run away with me.

He refused to use the box last night so he had the bedroom all to himself.  Muffin was NOT pleased with that and spent a great deal of time banging on the door. He snuggled into my spot in the bed, and when I snuggled around him to get in to bed, he got up and took DH's spot.  DH tried to snuggle around him and he got annoyed and went and slept on the floor, which broke my heart.. something about sick kitties on hard floors.. I can't handle it.  So I brought him to the box and put him in it and patted and coo-ed at him.  No go.

This morning I tried new food, warmed up.  He had a nibble.  So I got his 'medicine" out again and tried to give him that as quickly and easily as possible.  Well he wasn't having any of it and tried to gently get away.  Unfortunately he ended up kicking me a pretty 'low blow" which fortunately didn't really hurt and I could only kiss him because it was my fault.  I finished giving him the pills and he trotted off to the litter box, climbed in and deposited a nice sized ball of pretty ordinary looking urine.  I have color changing litter when it is too alkaline it shows it and it didn't, so that wasn't an issue.  No blood either.  Just a snuffly Jack who was now annoyed that I wasn't following through on my promise to let him out if he would pee in the box.  I was hoping he might eat a bit more since the rest of The Crew had breakfast already and any unattended food would be eaten immediately... and it was.  He ate decently enough yesterday, a skipped meal won't kill him.

As I was leaving for work, I noticed he was in his favorite box by his MirrorWorld..

Hopefully the cold will clear up soon.

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  1. Purrs for Jack! We hope Mirror Cat is feeling better, too. ;-)


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