Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Minerva plus eight..

Ok that is just funny.  I didn't think about it until I titled the post.. Minerva is a little Kate like..

ANYWAY... last night I brought Minerva in to be spayed.  I'm hoping that once she loses her raging hormones she'll be easier to settle down and it will help her socialize better and understand that biting and swatting at humans isn't nearly as acceptable as it is to other cats.  I had to wait around for the staff to finish up an adoption and as soon as they saw me they asked if I was interested in "bottle babies".

I love bottle babies, but my job just really doesn't make it feasible for me to take them when they are really young.  Too many late nights and too frequent feedings.  I can do it for a few days to wean them on to food, but these guys are two weeks old.  Their mom was hit by a car :(  Five little two week old kittens.  One of the staff took them home that night, but she really wasn't in a position to take on that responsibility either.  I mentioned how much Minerva loved being a mom and how much milk she had left.  She doesn't much like other cats at this point, but kittens are usually different.  I walked out of the shelter last night in limbo.  They were going to introduce the kittens in the morning and see how it went and if she she took to them I'd have five more kittens, and if not I'd have a spayed Minerva.

Well I just got the call.  She took to them just fine.  Part of me is happy about this, and part is a little frustrated as I just got my bathroom cleaned from the last set of kittens in there.  I'm not a fan of keeping kittens in my bathroom for a few reasons (and some of them are selfish) but apparently I am a more not a fan (oh that was a horrible wording) of saying no.

Why the bathroom you might ask?  well I have had a previous bad experience and I swore I'd never mix litters.  It is also why my fosters don't mingle with my resident cats as a general rule (occasionally they escape but I do my best to keep them separated)  There is a risk to Minerva as the kittens are too young to be tested for FIV/FELV but right now her status as adoptable is not secured.  She has shown great improvement in learning proper social skills but there are still times I can see her wanting to lash out (and once when she did) Fortunately I know her cues well enough to stop what I'm doing and attend to her so she calms down, but that is not adoptable.. (sad, I know.. )  So the Potter Pets will remain in the kitten room, and in a few weeks (Fawkes is already 1lb 13 oz.. Hedwig is 1lb 8oz) they will go up for adoption and Minerva and the new class will be getting stir crazy in the bathroom at that point and will be able to move downstairs.

So I'm about to take advantage of my wonderful boss and run out and get them.  Picts to come


  1. Mom says she feels your pain. :) It is hard to say no when you know you can help....which is why we are currently up to our eyeballs in kittens. MOL We hope these babies do well and Miss Minerva takes this time to learn to behave....

  2. I can't even begin to imagine.....5 unweaned babies. Milky Minerva may have just gone from devil cat to godsend.

  3. That really is great that Minerva took the kittens although it means more for you. I know just how you feel. It is soooooo hard to say no. I still say, I need to buy blinders for myself. But I couldn't fit another body in here if I wanted to. Good luck with the kittens. Can't wait for pictures.


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