Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Ok, it is a cruddy pict. 
If you look close, you'll see one black and white spotted kitten in the front, then behind him is a tri-colored tiger.  Behind her are three spotted white kittens.  Two boys and three girls.  When I checked one of them started peeing on me - which is not a good thing.  Minerva should have been taking care of that.  I grabbed some toilet paper and started stimulating her and she started pooping immediately.  Unfortunately I wasn't ready for it, and it was very soft - needless to say that kitten ended up with a bath.    So I stimulated them all to pee, and another kitten started to poop so I stopped because I didn't really have the time to give them all baths..   They are weak.. they seem to be a few days behind where they should be.. Hopefully Minerva will step up to the plate and make them fat and happy right quick.  Even if she isn't interested in helping them go pee.  I can do that..

While I was at the shelter I was surprised how many kittens they had.  Four different sets of kittens were sitting in cages because they were still too small to be up for adoption (I'm not even going to mention the number of kittens up for adoption)

Again, the photos aren't the best..
This was a cute pair of kittens.  One was grey and white, the other a dilute tortie.
Another pair..  Love me little kittens with "flame" stripes on their head..

Four adorable kittens (with a mom - who was a calico) taking a nap.  Didn't even wake up when I opened the cage door to take a better picture.

Then there was this set of five kittens:
Not impressed yet?
Still not?

How about now?? lol.  I just LOVE the white eyeliner on the kitten in the background.  I wanted to scoop them up too, but A) I have no where to put them, B) I already have two sets of kittens and my own crew that take up a lot of time and C) I would so end up adopting this kitten.. I just know it.  So best I leave them there
not impressed.
No seriously.. I would.  I mean white eyeliner AND tipped toes..
I'm that cute?
Darn tootin you are! 

Lastly there was this poor soul. I'm assuming male, but I didn't officially check..
He has a warning on his cage letting people know to be careful when they pick him up as he has neurological issues.  Probably CH by the way he was moving about the cage.  If so, it seems pretty mild.  Not sure if he reacts badly to being picked up or why the warning was there..


I hate this time of year.  Donations slow down but the kitties don't.  The shelter only had Iams kitten food for the fosters (I dug around and found something else - I would have bought something if need be - I do not feed Iams as no fosters I have EVER had have EVER eaten it) that someone bought out from the local discount store.  Great that there is food, because any food is better then no food but sad that it was Iams.  It was amusing as I was looking around a staff member came in just as I found a bag and said "YES!" and we laughed.  She said she wasn't a fan of Iams either (same reason I'm not)   It was so nice to hear someone else feel the same way.

Just a little PSA to remind you that shelters feed pets year round, and in the fall the donations usually slow down but the intakes don't until the snow flies (no snow where you are? then I would imagine that the intakes don't slow down)


  1. Good PSA - our adoptions have slowed and we are up to our EYEBALLS in kittens and juveniles. sigh..... Those are some cuties!!

    Hey Minerva - we know tiny babies are a pain, but could you help a little here?? You are a good girl!!

  2. WE sure Minerva does start taking care of the kittens. I am assuming that she is nursing them.
    Those were a bunch of cute kittens. That is why I don't go to shelters cause I would take them all home and then get arrested for hoarding. Sounds like you are doing a wonderful job taking care of the kittens.


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