Thursday, September 15, 2011

Baby Picts

Girl, Boy, Boy, Girl, Girl
We LOVE people!!!!!!!!!!! (and a few more)!!!
Girl - aren't I cute?
Girl - I know I'm cute
The boys, we aren't cute, we are rough and tumbly!
I'm a girl, and I'm cute too (and a total Princess)
Love the butt spots.. they look a bit like hearts in this shot
someone peed.
So I brought them home, set them up, Minerva was more interested in exploring the bathroom then dealing with them.  I went back to work and figured with me gone The Crew would stop nosing at the bathroom door and would give Minerva some peace and she'd get to the business of taking care of babies.

When I got home they were all STARVING!!!!!!! (and a few more !!) (but yet they were much more substantial then when I had left for work, so I was pretty sure they were fed that afternoon) and so I made up some kitten milk and got busy feeding and stimulating them to pee.  They ate well, they screamed that they weren't being fed all at once (Minerva can do it!!) and they all had a boatload of urine in them.  Two of them pooped, the little tiger girl  had very soft stool and ended up with a butt washing (nice thing about being in the bathroom, constantly clean kittens)  I put them down and they were still screaming.  Minerva could not have cared any less and almost looked at me as if to say "Would you shut them up!" She was intereted in the kitten milk through, so when she came by for an investigation I grabbed her and put her in the cage with the kittens.  I assumed that once they latched on she'd feel better about the whole thing (from what I'm told the Oxycontin release is pretty powerful)  Well she just stood there looking depressed.  I let the kittens nurse for just a few more minutes and then let her out, praising her and patting her and giving her a good portion of the milk.  I "topped off" the kittens and they were still rooting around looking for something, but I knew they were full (because they refused any more milk) and so I left them in the carrier and went to bed.

I was so happy that I slept through the night.  I woke up and went to visit them saw Minerva nursing.  I ran and got the camera and was greeted with that first pict when I returned.  They were all in the carrier when I left, so either they wandered over to find Minerva or she brought them out (I'm going for the former) She still is not making them pee... I guess I can understand that.  Unfortunately that means they are peeing on the brand new bath mat I JUST took the tag off and put down after I cleaned the room.  I mean literally two days before it was spankin new.. *sigh*  *shrug*  kittens are cuter then rugs anyway.. and it will wash.  and if they really mess it up, I can get an even better one :)

I can tell they pretty much all have VERY strong personalities.  They remind me a bit of the Peanuts Girls (Lucy, Patty, Sally and Violet) in how much they want human interaction and how they seem to dominate a room.

(and yes, that No Piggyback post was scheduled from before Minerva went to be spayed.  Her own kittens miss her a bit, but they are adjusting well)


  1. You have some purry cute kittens! They are a lot of work now, but will be so much fun soon. I love when they crab walk and hunch their backs. They think they are so bad! Thanks for visiting us. We'll come back and see how they and Minerva are doing.

  2. Wow what a lot of lovely kittens!!! They will certainly keep you on your toes :-)

  3. Goodness, those kittens are so cute. Thanks so much for taking them. I hope Minerva starts to help a little more but maybe she knows they really are hers. Take care.


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