Sunday, September 11, 2011


I didn't think I would do a 9/11 post.  The coverage of it is overwhelming as are the memories of those days.  I was at work - working for an internet company at the time, and I learned of the towers falling from a friend online.  The net was overwhelmed, the major news websites wouldn't load.  Streaming TV wasn't even really heard of back then.  Being the internet though, we didn't have a TV on sight, but someone found one and brought it in.  We did little but stand around in awe.

It was the one time in my life where I searched out information on something that was currently occurring, and there was so much miss information out there and I think that made things worse.

I got home.  I hugged my husband.  I hugged my kitties.  and I did my best to keep my head in the sand to keep my sanity.

A few days later when the planes started flying again I realized how close our house was to the airport even though we were about half an hour away.  We were in the flight path,   I hadn't really noticed before.. I did now.  I had to keep reminding myself that my little home in the middle of nowhere had so little chance of being involved in anything.

Over the years I have kept my head in the sand.  Yes, thousands of people died and yes, it changed the world.  But I did my best to not let it overwhelm me.  Every year I could only watch a few minutes of the coverage of the anniversery.

But this year I saw this
     Remember the Cat Victims

I read Homer's story and how it effected them. But some how I never considered any other cats.  I'm really glad that someone else did.

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