Thursday, September 22, 2011


This morning I took another shower in my bathroom.  After the great escape I have been a bit more careful going in and out of that bathroom so I took in her breakfast with me, hoping that the thought of food would keep her in the room - which it did.  I gave her the kitten milk I had (she likes it, and it helps get more calories and fluid in her which is important for nursing mothers) and she started right in on that.  I then gave her the can of food which she preferred and started eating that instead.

I jumped in the shower and all was quiet.. for about two minutes.  Then she started telling me off.  I couldn't figure out why (because I couldn't see through the shower doors well because I wasn't wearing my glasses) when I realized the dark splotch I was seeing was Minerva standing on the carrier and the edge of the shower trying to get in.

I had no idea how she would react to water, so I cautiously opened the door and made sure the water was spraying down that way so she wouldn't be tempted to jump in because she didn't know there was water in there.  (I don't know her history, so I don't know if she knows what goes on in a shower)  She was more curious then anything.  The water would hit her on the head and she would just move back enough so she wouldn't get hit.  I was so concerned she would try to jump in and slip and freak and scratch me at my most vulnerable.. so I shut the door.  She complained loudly about that so I opened the door again and quickly hurried through my shower.

When I was done I shut the door on the far side and opened it up near the faucet side (because that is the side I get out on - and there is no carrier there) and she came right over and started to climb in.  She saw the water dripping from the faucet and started licking the water.  So I turned the faucet on to dribble to let her get some fresh water.

Now, I'm standing there nekked, cold and dripping.. watching a cat drink from a faucet perched rather quite oddly in order to do it.  Part of me wished I had my camera, but then I thought how peverse of me to want to have a camera in a shower :)

well I got bored standing there wet and cold, so I tried to reach around and grab my hair wrap, and I was able to and so I wrapped up my hair.  Minerva was still licking, but she was getting cramped so she moved so she could lick from the under side of the faucet.  It was really quite fascinating.. but not so much that it made me forget I was cold and wet.  So I reached over and grabbed my towel and tried to dry off.  When I was done, she wasn't.

Since she is a nursing mom and has now taken care of two back to back litters I figured hydration is very very important and if she wants water that badly I should let her drink.. but I was cold and wet and now late for work.. so I tried to carefully leave.  It wasn't easy as she was taking up almost half of the space left by the shower doors.  Still cautious not to freak her out because I've been on the receiving end of her claws when she has freaked out before.. I moved slowly - which isn't really safe in a wet shower... but I was able to get out.

I figured if she was that thirsty I would provide her a bowl of water to go with the kitten milk I gave her and I left and got a bowl.  When I got back she was in the shower itself licking at the drain.  I caught some of the dripping water in the bowl and she moved her head under where the water was going, so when my bowl was full she got dripped on but she didn't care, she just kept licking.

I didn't want to shut the water off if she wanted to drink it but I had to leave for work and I didn't want to leave the water running all day.. so I left again and got dressed ate breakfast, fed the other kittens and went back.  Fortunately by this time she was out of the shower, so I shut the water off and left.  She was content enough that she didn't try to escape...  this time.


  1. Camera in the shower "perverse"? No more than last week when Esther took a header into the bathtub. After I quickly fished her out all I could think was "Man, I wish I had my camera in here."

    Wet, nekked, and all!

  2. You aren't the only one to have had that thought. There is a cat at the local shelter who likes the sink faucet - but hasn't quite mastered the art of drinking from it and gets more wet than hydrated. :)

  3. Many cats actually prefer the taste of tap water to bottled water or water that's been sitting in their bowl for a while. I don't blame them. I'd feel the same!

    And don't worry, I've brought my camera into the shower more than once to take pictures of my kitties. Hehe.


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