Friday, September 16, 2011

Play time photos

These were taken the same day as the video... I thought you'd enjoy them
Look carefully, there be two kittens here
What am I supposed to do with that??
oooh.. attack.. I get it now..
Or I'll at least give it my best flying shot!
it tasks me..
OK fine, you get the toy, I'll get your tail!
Is it my turn yet?? says Minerva
Not even close momma..
I get it.. I swear..
I don't want the toy, I want to wrestle!! ~Hedwig
So now is it my turn??
YES!! I love bird hunting, I just wish this bird had a bit more flesh on it
Can I play again momma??

She really is good with them, and is very cautious about playing when they are in the middle of the room (she doesn't want to jump on them) and hangs back and lets them play when it is very obvious she wants to.  She loves throwing herself up in the air with complete abandon  to catch the "bird" I'm sure she has caught a fair number of them in her day - and will again if she is ever anywhere near one..

1 comment:

  1. Such sweet kittens! Hope we can become friends! (We found you through Father Tom.)


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