Monday, September 19, 2011

My boy Jack

Look at that Jack, two posts so quick together.. I must love you very much :)

Actually I do, but that isn't the reason for the post.  This blog is for sharing fun kitten things, but it is also for my documentation of what is going on so I can keep a record of things that have happened and go back and search for it if need be.  And as such, since Jack isn't feeling well, I wanted to document it.

It started earlier this weekend.  He was snuffily and sneezing.  DH mentioned it first, and when he mentions that one of the kitties isn't feeling well they must really not be feeling well (he misses a lot of the nuances of sick kitties) By the time I got the info he was basking in the sun with a little snot on his nose but no major sneezing, no snot bubbles, not even really any snuffling.  I decided to just keep an eye on him.  Yesterday he was sleeping a lot and you could hear him breathing.  Fortunately it is all up in his head and not in his chest.  So I started him on "medication" and an hour later he sounded much better.  I have a feeling he has now got what Skippy has.. which I believe is bordatella.

But because he wasn't feeling well, I gave him quite a few "cookies" (dry food given as treats) then for some reason The Crew were all edgy and jumpy and so I gave out cookies to help calm them down a bit.  Well apparently I over did the cookies because this morning there was a little urine in the bath tub with a little blood in it.. *ACK!*

I checked Jack out, he didn't seem blocked (didn't have a full bladder).  He did sound horribly snuffily though, and seemed a *bit* uncomfortable for a few minutes. (but later on he was back to looking like is old self)  So I locked him up in the bedroom today with a litter box and some low carb canned food (to get more hydration and protein in him)

This is disconcerting but not yet something I am going to let myself worry about.  This is the third such incident (with the pee... first snuffily incident though)  Jack is apparently VERY sensitive to eating plant based ingredients and even the super premium dry food I dole out as treats is still very high in it. I'm going to keep a VERY close eye on him and get him to the vet if this progresses even a little.

There is a slim chance it is another one of The Crew, but I wouldn't know who.  Eli blocked once, but he's been fine since the switch to raw.

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