Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Take your kittens to work..

Well the older kittens went to work with me last week.    They were wonderfully destructive.  Fortunately my boss loves it and enjoys their company.  It does wonders for kittens self confidence to get out of the house and explore new places so I really appreciate that they don't mind.  Unfortunately the owner of the company is allergic so I can't do it when he is in town, which is going to be happening soon.

they had fun with the paper clips and knocked over the lamp.  Even tried to chew on the speaker wires.. Then they fell asleep.
I haz scarf
it was really sweet.

I also noticed that Hedwig has a small spot on her neck, it is about the size of a quarter, of frosted fur.  It's very light gray with darker guard hairs coming out of it.
as you can see she also has some white guard hairs under the spot, and she also has some on her legs.  She's such a cutie!


  1. awwwww - she would love to do this with some of our kids, but her boss is allergic too. sigh.... at least he was understanding about that bottle baby a year ago. :)

  2. The mom wishes she could bring us to work! Wait, wait. She doesn't say "us," because Nicki would wreak havoc and Derry would be petrified. She says "cats" as in other cats. LOL.

  3. I want to work where you do!


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