Sunday, November 27, 2011

Black Friday

The day started out like this.. all happiness and coziness...  but notice Eli is no where to be seen. Smart boy that one is.  I got ready by getting out the Christmas collars...
Yes, The Crew gets decked out for the holiday.  It is a good time for me to get my butt in gear and get new collars for their everyday use as those are getting a little scraggly.  Then there was the gathering. I threw cookies down in the hall.  I try not to use cookies for this type of gathering, because it tends to cause trust issues, but I needed to get Eli. He has trust issues to begin with, and apparently he knew something was up.  (are you figuring it out yet?)  The gathering went well, and ended up resulting in this...

a yup.. it was time for a vet visit.  I threw the cookies in the hall and ended up herding the cats into rooms that don't have furniture they can hide under.  I took them out one by one and changed out their collars and put them in a carrier and DH played tetris with their carriers and got everyone in the car.  30 minutes of singing later and we were there.  While fun was had by no one, everyone checked out great.  Twee's eye flared up pretty bad, and Muffin actually started with an inflamed eye as well but I am sure that was simply from stress.  Today Muffin's eye is back to normal.  Twee is going to get some medication for a while.  And yes, once again Twee swore like a sailor while there, my sweet sweet girl who is all innocence and light 354 days of the year.. She did last year too, so this year I didn't let them all out of their carriers but took them out one at a time.  Didn't help her.  I think next year I'll try taking her down all by herself.

We did blood work on the four older cats.  Jack, Muffin, Eli and Twee all checked out fine - although Twee fought them so hard that she now has three different shaved patches on her - she is not a fan of being on her back unless it is her choice.  There was weight gain all around (I told DH he was over feeding them!! if he won't listen to me maybe he'll listen to the vet.. {but honey, they are so hungry!!  um.. no darlin, they aren't.. they just like to  BE fed.. })  He also gave Kit a shot of Pepcid, because she became quite car sick.  She drooled so much I was a little afraid she might become dehydrated.
Nope, no kitty here to examine, I promise!!
Sorry Muff, your nose gave you away
I'm ready for anything, but I'd rather be home
Handsome kitty in the window
Bow Ties are cool
I want back in my box!!
Muff, Let me in!!
me too me too
you can not see me!!
They got home and were miserable for a while.  Promises of never forgiving us were heralded about, Kit, who vomited in her carrier and got a slight bath completely disappeared.  And the remaining traitorous treats were left uneaten in the hallway
But then dinner was served and that was eaten, the treats were cleaned up as fodder for forgiveness.  The bed certainly was not going to be ignored for...  for... well what ever reason it was they were mad, because they just won't be that mean to themselves.. and once there the evil of the day was long forgotten.

DH was concerned about Kit, and worried she wouldn't forgive him.  I told him that once she was dry she would show up... and I was right
sleep tight
An almost $700 bill.  That was my Black Friday.  I helped keep my vet in the black :)

and just to be fun, when we got home we got a reminder card that the crew was due to be seen..

and for those of you who hoped along with The Crew that turkey would be a part of the menu, well it wasn't.  We got precious few left overs...but we knew that would be the case and we bought them several cans of Merrick Thanksgiving Day Dinner.  The turkey came out so good (it was brined in an apple cider solution) that I'm thinking we'll have another one before the year is out.


  1. Your version of "Black Friday" was a huge OUCH to the finances! Glad everyone is okay, though. Poor Twee and her 3 shaved patches!

  2. Glad everyone checked out OK - what an adventure!!

  3. Our Mommy is amazed. She never thought of bringing all of us to the V-E-T at once. They would have to block off a good portion of the day to see us. Plus it would be too expensive to do and I don't think we have enough PTUs to go around. Mommy tries to bring one a month and that works out best.

  4. Wow that is quite a collection of cat carriers you have there (and kitties to boot!) - I'm very impressed that you managed to take all in one visit. Sorry to hear about the bill though - ouch!! =^..^=

  5. You guys, your Mom is a traitor...just sayin! Using treats to lure you, that is just the WORST thing ever!

    Mommy usually hauls us in three at a time, and we scream the entire 10 minutes it takes to get there. It's fun!


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