Tuesday, November 8, 2011

making weight

Donna has always been the smallest of the kittens, so on "making weight watch" I would really only weigh her.  Occasionally I would weigh Rose, but she was always larger.

Well yesterday Donna made weight.  I was thinking they would be going in to be neutered by the week's end, but as I sat and played with them, I realized Amy felt like she had lost weight.

She was over two pounds, but barely and after having eaten dinner.  This morning she was 1lb 14 oz.  I am concerned, because she has always been the most robust (think round) kitten.  I'm not sure if it is because she is about to experience a growth spurt or what.  But I've held off on committing to bringing them in at this point until I have some evidence that Amy is having problems or is not having problems.

Minerva is not happy about that.  She wants them to move on.  But then she's wanted that for weeks now :)

I am considering bringing her back with the kittens and seeing how she does in the shelter environment.  I won't take kittens for a few days (if they even have any.. but they usually do right up till Christmas) in case she freaks out and needs to come back.  I've still got my fingers crossed that someone will see her on the website and cry out that she is just the cat they have been looking for.  Some people really like attitude in their cats.

Speaking of Donna.. I have to admit something.

I was joking with my husband about how Donna is such an odd duck in her food choices.  He joked that he bet she would like Iams.  I laughed so hard and agreed.  I have NEVER gotten kittens to eat Iams food well.  Both the dry and the canned are often consumed so they do not starve, but a majority of the food is left to dry out and needs to be tossed.  Ten years I've been fostering.  I've NEVER had a set of kittens like Iams.  Never had a mother cat eat it well either.  Well the last time I was getting food I saw a few cans and for a joke brought them home.  I forgot about it until last night while feeding.  Yes, Donna LOVED it.  Growled over it.  Swatted at her brothers and sisters to keep them from getting it.  Both the regular and the kitten..

Some days I really wish I knew what kittens really thought.


  1. The blog looks great! BTW, Parker's graphic is all stretched out, though, not sure what's happening there. It's very long. Weird.

    Laughed over Donna eating Iams...Iams canned is the one food the ferals in the student ghetto refused to touch when I was feeding them several years ago (until I was asked to stop). Everything else got eaten but that!

  2. Purrs for the babies....

    Mom often wonders why kittens do what they do - and then rethinks and decides maybe she just doesn't want to know.... MOL


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