Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sleepy, Sneezy...

Well I do have my hands full with the new fosters.  They are sneezy at this point, and the little black and white one had *something* go on with one of his eyes.  I say something because it "glued" shut, but there was no major discharge nor did it seem excessively inflamed.  (it was inflamed, but not so you would notice just looking at him)  I put some purlube on his eye to "loosen things up" and he did NOT like that.  Fought me tooth and claw while I got it in (which is how I know his eye was inflamed.  I love it when they try to keep their eyes shut.. heck I just love it when kittens are healthy enough to fight back... then he rubbed his eye for the next few minutes. 

The shelter sent me home with meds in case this blows up into full blown URI.  We are close but I don't think we are there yet.  A snotty nostril and that one eye issue.  But I'll keep a very close eye on them.

They are also not quite as social as I would like.  Typical that one of them is fascinated with my husband.  sat on him and stared at him for quite some time.  The tortie decided she would try to swing from the electrical cords.. *rolls eyes* and I did my best to put a stop to that - but you know short of removing them all together just about anything I would do would just cause more attention to be brought to it.  The tortie and one of the tiger males attacked the nob on the bureau.    It's always amusing to watch batch after batch of kittens do the exact same thing.

They are a pound and a half, so they'll be New Year's kittens.  They MIGHT be Christmas kittens, but then *I* wouldn't have kittens for Christmas.. I'll be selfish if they barely make it


  1. Purrs that they stay healthy. It is funny what they get fascinated by....at our house, every group has found the door stop and insist on jumping on it - usually at 2am. :)

  2. Oh, my...Another adventure starts. Yes, purrs and paws crossed for their health, and perhaps for your sanity too. LOL.

  3. Yay for Connie! Another batch, another adventure.

  4. Straightjackets.
    Tiny straightjackets.
    With holiday bows.


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