Thursday, November 10, 2011

a word on wordless wednesday

I am a little surprised that no one commented on the NAME of the food that Rose was hanging out on.  I came across it in the store the other day (prior to the donation coming to the shelter) and I laughed so hard I had to buy a can for my "Intense Beauty" Miss Muffin.

Well Amy is doing better.  She still wasn't keeping weight on like I would have liked and was feeling kinda boney and I realized they hadn't been dewormed.  A day after deworming, she started putting on weight and stopped feeling quite so skinny.

I'll be doing write ups for them today and bringing them back on Friday.  I'm sending Minerva back as well.  But she is welcome to come back and to sit at the house and wait for a home if she isn't comfortable at the shelter.

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