Sunday, November 27, 2011


I just noticed that Kit's photo while at the vet didn't make it to the post. 
I'm hoping to remember to give her some Pepcid before bringing her to the vet next time.


  1. Poor baby. :-(

    Thanks for all the info in your Musings comment to me, Connie. Derry peed again around noon, normally. Maybe he just wants to see me in a straight jacket and being carted away.

    His pH was neutral (as was Nicki's) in October. So a bit above the desired level. He does have struvite crystals--or did then. Not sure if the switch to mainly canned will have helped with that, but the increased water should be helping to flush out his bladder.

    I did pick up a homeopathic remedy I found at a nearby pet food store, FDA approved (not that that really makes a huge difference), in business since 1993. They had three different ones in the store, but this one seemed the best. Not sure I should do both the Cosequin and that.

    I still want to chat to the vet tomorrow--hope for tomorrow, though I have a couple of things on the go.

    Thanks for the link. I'm a bit wary about joining any other Yahoo groups--I've unsubscribed from them all now, because I just don't need 50 people posting and telling horror stories. But if I can access the info without joining, then I'll take a look. I did know about marshmallow root, and I think D-Mannose is good for bacterial bladder infections. Or maybe I'm thinking of something else.

  2. That is exactly how I look when my human takes me to the vet!

  3. Anonymous10:37 PM

    Sweet kitty! =^..^=


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