Tuesday, November 15, 2011

quick trip to the shelter

I just ran out to see Minerva and I was so surprised at how well she is doing.  I didn't talk to anyone who had dealt with her this weekend, but there was no notice of warning on her cage, she seemed happy (and covered in catnip) and was more then happy to get some attention.

She was a little bothered by the kitten under her who wanted my attention, but on the whole I am so impressed.  I was so sure she was not going to adjust well being back in the bustle of the shelter.  She is one impressive kitty.

Amy and Mickey (surprise surprise) were adopted and went home.  Rose was adopted and will go home later this week leaving Rory and Donna... again, no surprises there.  Who ever gets Donna is going to be so happy with her, but she just does not show well at all.  There was one other kitten up for adoption so I doubt they'll be there through this weekend.  I'm glad they should all have a home for the holiday.

No kittens at the shelter waiting for a foster home.  So odd.  Maybe we are making a difference with the Spay Neuter programs out there..


  1. Congrats on the ones who've been adopted and paws crossed for Rory, Donna and Minerva!

    I fall for the quiet ones, the ones that SEEM gentle and needy. Boy, I sure can be suckered in. :-P

  2. Purrs for Minerva....we are glad she is doing well....

    And we have no doubts the kitts will get adopted quick!

  3. Hi - thanks for stopping by. First off, Bree is adopted. It is Audrey that is not adopted yet.
    Hugo is my daughter's cat who is staying with us until she is in her new home and settled. He is diabetic. He is on DM (Medi-Cal) from the vet clinic. He loves it. He's also allowed bits of chicken and beef if lean. He will be going off to my daughter's home at the end of this month. She has also adopted Bree. Thanks for the suggestions for Annie. I'll keep that in mind.


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