Friday, November 11, 2011

Off they go

I did write ups for them yesterday and this morning I gave the shelter a call (since when I emailed and said they were ready to go they said bring them any day just call) and the woman who answered checked and I was told it was OK to bring them down.

I had to drive through some construction and had to wait and wait (thus making me late for a very important date - oh ok fine, I was late to work) and when I got there it took a few minutes to find someone who knew what was going on and take the kittens.

Turns out the clinic isn't going to neuter them today.  I can't tell you how irritated I was to hear that.  I get up early, I call (I HATE calling people - it is my own little phobia) and I drive all that way listening to the kittens complain about no breakfast no cuddles and being in a box and being driven, and I'm going to have to bring them home and do it all over again later?!?!?!  

well all that flashed in my head before the woman could tell me that they would put them up for adoption intact and neuter them either as they got adopted or when there was time in the clinic.

I must remember not to jump to conclusions :)

Although I am still a little irritated that things didn't go as they should "according to the rule of Connie" but I know full well that I'm currently in a lesson stage in my life of that I can not, nor should I, micromanage the world.  Things will happen as they will, and often there is a very good reason for it, even if I can't figure out for the life of me what that is.


In the end all is good.  The kittens are at the shelter, and whomever adopts them is going to really really want them because they are going to have to wait to bring them home until they are neutered.

I brought Minerva too.  Apparently she used to have the name "Patches".  I am praying she adjusts to life in the shelter and with other kitties so that she has a much better chance of finding that special someone to take her home.  I talked to my husband about my decision last night.  I am not willing to foster her indefinitely.  Don't get me wrong, she is a great cat - smart, sassy, opinionated, strong willed - and I feel blessed for having gained her trust and her .. love?? adoration??  her willingness to accept attention from me.. yea that's it. 

well anyway.. the discussion went something like:  ME -  I am going to bring Minerva back and see how she does, and if she doesn't adjust well to shelter life I'm going to bring her back here for a few weeks and give her a chance to be seen on the website, but by Christmas she'll have to go back and decisions will have to be made.  HIM - decisions?  ME: yes, I can't keep her indefinitely and if she doesn't find a home then they will have to decide what to do with her next. HIM - oh  ME - yup.

It isn't fair or even nice to think about.  But it is reality.  I am hoping and praying she does well and that right person comes along right quick.  Hey, our little shelter in our little rural community adopted out 217 cats and kittens last month.. (not to mention the 55 dogs and 24 small animals)  I can't help but be horribly impressed and hopeful that the right home is out there for her.


  1. The boys will send purrs to them all, but especially Minerva. None of us wants to think what will happen to her if someone doesn't fall in love with her.

    As for jumping to conclusions, I really feel that's what I do best in life. :-P

  2. Jumping to conclusions is considered exercise in this house! ;)
    Hope Minerva gets a home. Maybe she needs to be renames Patches. Hehe


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