Friday, November 4, 2011


i so bored
What was that?
let me out!!
Did he seriously just come here to make faces at me??
I'm actually cautiously optimistic about Minerva. She has been annoyed with me, but she hasn't physically told me off in, what,  almost three weeks now.  She purrs, she doesn't mind it when I move her, and I feel comfortable picking her up.  I'm still cautious around her - I'd be silly not to - but I can almost hear her say "oh that was so yesterday"

I can't help but wonder how she would do with other cats.  She was aggressive to my crew when she had her own kittens, but seems highly interested in them now that she's dealing with someone else's kittens.   I guess we will cross that bridge when we come to it. 

Also, a side note, my little bumblebee found a wet food she found worth eating.  And not only was it worth eating, it was worth growling at her siblings to keep them from eating it!!  I went from shocked to laughing watching her smack Amy away from her food.


  1. loves those little "food agressive" kittens....they make me laugh as well. Sounds like Minerva makes a little bit of progress every day.....good for her!

  2. heh heh, I've been known to get a little touchy over MY favorite foods, too...

  3. Oh, that was a look, in the first pic. LOL.

    So what was the canned food that little miss bumblebee decided she loved?

  4. it was a Wellness pouch. Turkey and Duck actually. I fed it a few other times and it wasn't all that well received, but then Donna took a liking to it.


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