Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Why puppies for Christmas is a bad idea

Most of the dog owners I know say to me "If I had only known"...  the bane of my existence.  I talk about cats and cat food on my blog and my own struggles with my cat's health issues not only to document what I've done and choices I've made and why, but to help other people understand why I did what I did, but also to open the door for more information.  I am perfectly happy listening to anyone who wants to tell me that they took a different path and the information they have learned.  I might not always follow that path, but I really love to learn what worked for others so I can share that information too when the situation might happen to arise for someone else who might need the information.

Well while surfing around today I ran across this post about "buying puppies". (and I would guess in turn there is the same to be said about pure bred cats too - but you don't hear about it nearly as much)  Yes, we all know that it CAN be done right.. but all too infrequently it is.  People get impatient and and want a puppy for a certain time in their life (Christmas puppies anyone?) or on a whim.  They don't want to wait the breeding, the gestation nor the 8 weeks until the pups are minimally ready to go to a new home.

So do you have any idea how these pets come to be at "just the right time"?  I mean what dog would naturally breed to whelp in the beginning of winter?    Ayup.. puppy mills.

I've seen the result of puppy mill puppies.  A friend of my mother adopted one.. it was a mess.  She felt she was rescuing it - which she was - but she was still supporting the cycle.  She paid for the puppy.  The poor puppy would have died if she didn't step in, but while that would have been horrible for that puppy, it might have started a cycle that would have prevented more mill puppies from showing up.  I mean if money is lost then they won't be doing it.

So PLEASE.. NEVER buy a puppy with out being able to see the parents and vet records.  NEVER buy a puppy with out a contract that states the seller will take the pup back at any point in it's life.  NEVER buy a puppy with out doing EXTENSIVE research on the breed and what are some of the qualities of that breed are that you might not find oh so endearing.  I mean herding dogs are adorable but do you really want to be herded all the time? and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE check out or your local shelter and find out if there dogs that are your breed that you are looking for who need a home... or ask about breed specific rescues.  No matter what type of dog you are looking for, there is a rescue for that.  Save a life, don't add to the misery that these dogs in mills have.  If the breeder is hesitant to answer ANY question you have, walk away.  I'll talk about my foster kittens till I bore you.  You can't ask a question that I wouldn't answer.  Reputable breeders love their puppies, and will want you to report back to them and let them know how things are going.

I wish I would hear more often from my former fosters..   *sigh*

oh wait.. rant about puppy store puppies.. yes..

But I'm not ever going to buy a puppy you say.. ever bought anything from a store that sells puppies?  You have supported the cycle.  Back in the day before I knew what a puppy mill was I used to love going in and looking at the puppies.. they are so cute.  I get it.  But once I learned.. I can say I'm glad those stores are far fewer around here then they used to be.

So now that you knowSpread the word.
(preaching to the choir aren't I?)

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