Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Merial wins Paten Battle

How did I not hear about this??  I was on Twitter and saw "MousebreathZine" tweet about a pretty cool dress (I wish I had occasion to wear dresses more often, but a) I'm so friggen cold all the time it isn't practical, and b) it isn't practical with my job or the kittens.. and I saw linked on that post that Merial sued PetArmor, the makers of the new generic frontline.  I guess I should have seen it coming because they advertised they were "exactly the same"


Although I just googled and found it at wally world for sale.. *shrug*  not quite what the deal is.  Still thought it was newsworthy enough, and since I hadn't heard of it, I thought I would share.


  1. Those kittens sure are cute. They all look so darn happy and healthy.
    Connie, you won two items on the auction, so you need to go back to the auction site http://furriendsofthecb.blogspot.com/
    and pay $23.00 on the donation button on the right side bar. Then we can mail the items to you. My email is margaretmsan@gmail.com if you need to email me. Thanks marg

  2. Aw have loved catching up on all the pictures of your kitties! And I love the dress - I recognised it in fact! Yasmine (author of CatvsHuman) wore that at her book signing recently, it's on her facebook page!


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