Monday, November 28, 2011

My Day at the Shelter

I started off not knowing who I was looking for, so I wandered around the shelter thinking it would be obvious.  I went into the supply room, and look, they are still full of food...
I kept looking and found her in the cat rooms.  Turns out they weren't doing a "professional photo shoot" like I was expecting.  They needed to get the cats on the website in general, and setting up a scene and transporting the cats too it would take up too much time and would be stressful on the cats.  And since there was an obvious need to get them photographed for the website, that is what we did.  A shelter worker cataloged who we took photos of, the photographer took the photos, and I did my best to keep the kitties calm and preforming.  There were some really beautiful cats.  One sweet girl was 90% fluff and 9% claws.  She had a total of 27!!  I didn't get any photos of the kitties in the cage rooms, as there just wasn't time or room.    We went into one cat room and I got these...
She comes with a permanent wink and is super sweet
We then went into the small animal room, and we took a photo of the albino rabbit that wasn't on the website.  Since I have rabbit experience I got him out and we took some good picts.  I stopped and looked at the brag board.  They post photos and letters of new owners..
it really is a shame he can't  relax.  - I love the modesty flash reflection
We then went into the second cat room.  Where I got these photos.  The big black kitty is "Diane" and she is an absolute sweetheart, and determined to let everyone know that since she is plus sized, her love and adorableness is also plus sized
another multi-toed kitty
Out in the lobby they have kitten cages.  and look who was still in one
Sadly Rory didn't make it home for Thanksgiving.  He's also got some inflammation in his eyes and is on meds :(  He is sharing his home with two littler kittens who were all snuggly with one another, and I thought they were siblings, but they weren't.  While I was taking photos, a woman came up and was all wanting to adopt Rory as a friend for her new dog.  I wasn't sure that would be the best match for him - it might have been - so I was content to let the universe take care of that one, and when she asked me about the other kittens in the cage I mentioned the little tiger jumped right out of the cage into my lap, and she took a look at him and he won her over.  I think Rory is starting to understand the adoption game and is a bit more outgoing.  I'm sure his time is soon.

It better be, considering Minerva was already adopted (on Black Friday actually) she went to a home with a lab and where the pet needed to be good with children.  I hope she opened up a lot while at the shelter and this is the perfect fit.  The Minerva I first met would have NEVER fit in that home, but the Minerva who left here might have.. I'm sure she learned a lot in her time at the shelter, and I bet she is ruling her roost.

Well.. I need to get going.. I've got "things to do"
How many kittens do you see?
check again

Mom is very sleek and beautiful.  The tortie is a girl, the rest are boys.  Three tiger boys (one with out white paws) and one black and white (I so very much wanted to call Bug) so names are going to be fun.  They were born in mid October.  The woman they were staying with is going in for surgery.  I am a little surprised they don't have names - maybe they do and the shelter just didn't get them which is very much  a possibility - but since there aren't names now, I'll have to figure them out.


  1. Well, you have fun with that. Looks like you will be a busy lady over Christmas. Hugs, Deb=^..^=x4

  2. You got some great pictures - it makes a huge difference to see cats being cats and not just sitting in cages.

    Paws crossed for Minerva.... and purrs for the new family! (mom got kittens once from another foster that didn't have names - mom didn't know how you could have kittens and NOT name them)

  3. ITA with random felines--nice photos.


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