Sunday, January 8, 2012


I think she likes the new room.  She's still not quite as confident as I might like in a cat.  She hides under the couch a lot, but she does come right out when I enter the room.  Lately she's been sleeping on the couch when I walk in, but she immediately jumps down.  I keep telling her she doesn't have to, but she does.

She likes to sit just out of reach - as you can see in the video.  She likes to make you work for it.. lol.  She also likes to jump up on the litter box box (the top is padded) and pose.

She has recovered from the URI quite nicely.  She's eating well. I haven't weighed her since I moved her into the basement.  I spent several hours cleaning that room from the kits and was just so glad to move her down there that I forgot to bring the scale down, and I only ever remember when I'm in the basement.  One of these days I'll turn around and run back upstairs to get it, but it hasn't happened yet.

I believe I've already explained I have a lot of experience with diabetic cats, but all of it was with "old school" insulin, and she's on Lantus which is quite different and I feel like such a newbie.  Basically the injection you give today will be used tomorrow or even later... at least that is what I think it is like.  Feel free to correct me if you have a better quick definition

She's currently on half of a unit 0.5 which is basically a tear drop size amount of insulin and she's throwing some wacky numbers.  With the old insulin I would think she is going into rebound (aka she got too much insulin and instead of going too low her body is pumping out extra glucose to compensate)   Fortunately I have some people who are very experienced with this type of insulin trying to help me make sense of it all and they are quite encouraging. 

*sigh*  Jack is giving me bedroom eyes.. so it's time to give him some one on one time.. oh the sacrifices I make for that boy.. (oh yea, such a hardship on me to love this boy)


  1. Wow, good for you for taking in the diabetic cats. I know that they have such a hard time getting adopted sometimes. Maybe she'll relax a bit after she settles in some more. I know that one of my cats didn't warm up to us until she'd been here for several months.

  2. I'm interested in how this Lantus works...our old guy Fuzzy had Humulin and did very well on it, but it was a bear getting his dose stabilized.

  3. So as a Type 1 Diabetic, who follows your blog :D

    Lantus is a 24hr "basal" insulin, so it basically very slowly releases a little bit of insulin for 24-36 hours after the injection. Lantus doesn't ever peak - it is a constant release for the time that it's in the body. ("Basal" = baseline, or constant amount for a long time, as opposed to fast-acting... see below)

    Humulin (or Regular) is a "fast-acting" insulin, so it starts working in 30-60mins, and peaks in ~3 hours (imagine a bell curve, with the peak at 3hrs, in terms of how much is active).

    Hope that helps :)

  4. Interesting explanation from Jamie. Wouldn't Lantus be more logical then?

    Anyway, Beatrice is a sweetie. Loved the paw kneading when she stretched out. And nothing beats belly rubs.

    Jack is just too precious for words.

    What an amazing wealth of experience in cat care you have, Connie. I'm in awe.


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