Thursday, January 5, 2012

Multiple choice

I wonder who is more excited
  • Brianna and Fraser
  • Brianna and Fraser's new family
  • me
I know who is probably not all that excited, the kitty that lives with Brianna and Fraser's new family already.  I hope he transitions well and enjoys their kitten-y ways..

I so hope they ply me with pictures for quite some time to come..


  1. Well, we are excited too! Any time a kitty finds a loving home is exciting and a good time to celebrate! Hurrah for everyone who made it possible.

  2. Hi Connie,

    I think the kitties know that now they are home to stay :)
    They were a little unsure at first but after a couple of hours (and with the reassurance from the blanket - Thank you so much for that)they were fine.
    They are extremely playful - even my hair works as a toy; they ate and drank and used they bathroom just fine.
    Perseus is veeeery curious of them. He saw them coming in, sniffed the carrier they were in (Brianna tried to play with him right away), and was fine with it. Of course he finds it odd (not to say rude) that one of his favorite rooms in the house is out of reach :)
    He sits at the door and sniffs it; pays close attention to the sounds that are coming from the other side...

    I will most certainly send you pictures! I don't think I can send them through here, so if there's an email I can send them to, it will be my pleasure. (mine is

    Brianna and (we stole the brother's name) Duncan are going to the vet Tuesday to have their exam and check that they are all set :)

    Brianna's eye was a little teary last night but we cleaned it and it seems fine; Duncan's right eye is a little teary too and he had a little nose congestion last night - seems better this morning,but still with same sneezes in the mix.
    I will keep you posted and tell you how the vet went.

  3. Those kittens are soo cute... we amz purrin dat deys haz wonderful livez!!!

    Katie Too and alla Katz
    at Katiez Furry Mewz.


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