Friday, January 6, 2012

New Couch

While I was making the new toy that I posted on Tuesday, DH got some help bringing in the new couch we bought.  We really like the chaise lounges we bought a few years ago in front of the TV, it makes it difficult to have friends over to watch movies.  We talked about getting a sectional on and off for years, but when my SIL asked me to help her find a chaise lounge that looked like ours (because she wanted another seat in her room and she liked ours so much) it seemed the time had come to get one.

Well of course now that we want one, there are none but the utmost expensive ones to be found. I do a lot of my shopping at the local retail salvage store (they get some really cool stuff in there you just have to go in often to be there when it comes in) and sadly they had nothing.  We tried the resale shops, and again nothing.  The local Big Lots store had three "sectionals" (They were just couches with one long side) for $700-$800.  Well they also have a cool rewards program that if you make 10 purchases over $20 you get a 20% coupon for your next purchase.  So, once I got my coupon, we bought it..
"Before" (you have to imagine the second chair in the open spot)
Mom,what happened??
We are thinking we are going to move the TV from the corner to the wall and readjust the angle of  everything, but for now it works for us.  The Crew is just going to take some time to get used to it.


  1. Great! Everyone loves a good deal and the 20% off made it worth it, we're sure.

    Of course, WE'D like the room better if it were filled with cat tunnels, various trees and the like. :-)

    -Nicki and Derry

  2. Sectionals are great! specially fur snoozing on while the hoomanz watch the picture box...

    Unfortunately... we dont haves one yet! Yours looks good from the back. Yep looks like time for some re-arranging soon.

    Tommy and da Foster Kittiez
    and Katie da Katz Gang.


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