Monday, January 23, 2012

Stopped by the Shelter.

On Friday the 13th, I saw that Tamar at was doing a give away.  One only had to email and be one of the first 20 and they would get a 15lb bag of Science Diet's new corn free food.  Well since I don't feed SD I emailed saying that I would donate it to the shelter I foster for.

Apparently I was too late, but Tamar was sweet enough to appreciate the donation and she gave me one of her personal codes.

I went over to and placed an order.  There was a little confusion on getting the code to work, but once it was in the whole process went pretty smoothly.  I got the confirmation email on the 14th, and it mailed on the 18th.  It arrived on the 19th.  Pretty impressive especially for free shipping.  Unfortunately the box it came in was damaged (nor was there any information on the outside of the box to say who it came from.. I am not a fan of that) but the bag inside was just fine.

I had to put it in my car to prevent Jack from chewing on the bag.  Not to say that he gives this food his two paws up, but just that he has a long extensive history of chewing through bags of food and food like substance (like wheat and corn based litters)

I finally got up the nerve to go to the shelter and return Spooky's needles and such (nerve because it made me sad to gather  up the bits of her life left here).  I also had a stack of pill vials that I knew the shelter could use and a few other things that I took to assist one cat or another and should have gone back. 

The people at the shelter hadn't heard of the food, and were interested in it.  Fortunately they are still not hurting for food (I can't tell you how much that warms my heart) but unfortunately that means my hefty donation of $40 food wasn't fawned over as much as some of my other donations in the past.  Hey, this isn't about being fawned over, it's about feeding cats.  Besides, too much fawning makes me uncomfortable.

The kitties were all pretty much bedded down for the night, so I didn't spend a lot of time there.  There was one black girl who was turned in on the 19th that was freaked out of her gourd.  She was growly and hissy, and swatted at the staff who tried to feed her.  I tried to make nice with her, but she wasn't buying any of my "it's going to be OK" moves.  Oddly enough she did walk out of her hidey hole to see me better when I looked at one of the kitties below her.  She was sending off very mixed signals.  I so wanted to take her home and let her chill in my foster room, but that really wouldn't help her adjust to the shelter.

I did see a notice of someone looking for a pet sitter for several months, so I thought I'd call and offer my foster room, but she has found a situation for the kitty, so that wasn't necessary.

So it is still just me, and Jack, and Muffin, and Eli, and Twee, and Kit, and Fleurp, and Skippy.

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  1. After Max's death, we did the same. Sadly, gathered up his unused Sub-Q supplies (needles, LRS, etc.) and his K/D food and brought it up to the shelter. It was sad doing so, but I want happy to know it would go to good use.


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