Saturday, January 14, 2012

Extended sleep away camp

I know very little other then she's still not eating so the vet wouldn't let her go.

You should see the pile of cat toys at the foot of my bed.  I think The Crew is trying to distract me.  Fleurp just brought in a mouse, and yesterday both Jack and Twee brought toys in at the same time, then dropped them at the same time.  They are both noisy toy carriers (meow meow meow meow meow) and it just made me laugh.

Anyway.  Here's hoping that Beatrice is doing well.  Maybe even working her charm on the staff of the clinic so maybe one will adopt her and give her a home..

hey, you never know, stranger things have happened..


  1. Aww, poor Beatrice. We're purring hard for her, crossing our paws that she'll be okay and that someone does give her a wonderful forever home.

    The mom says Nicki is very noisy when carrying his mice too, and he usually does it around 2AM. :-P

  2. Oh, poor Beatrice. We're thinking about her!

  3. I expect Beatrice is very busy working her charm! :). Here's hoping, anyway.

    The only thing Austin carries are dead animals/birds and then he's very noisy indeed!


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