Friday, January 13, 2012

Sleep away camp for Beatrice

I don't know quite what I was expecting, and I guess on some level I was expecting her to have to spend the night, but I am sad that she's not home.

The vet she went to wanted to keep her over night to run a series of tests including an xray and blood work.  Beatrice has a history of pancreatitis, so they are being cautious.

They are also talking about switching insulin, which I must say I'm a little happy about.  I'm not all that comfortable with Lantus in cats.  As Jamie so kindly told us, Lantus is a much longer insulin then I'm used to.  I could wrap my brain around giving insulin that lasts for 24 hours, but that isn't quite how it works in cats (from what I've understood about what I've read)  There is a bit of a 12 hour curve (meaning the cat's blood sugars will drop over six hours then rise the next six) in cats and so they (people with lots of experience with Lantus in cats) recommend injecting every 12 hours not every 24, and I still don't quite understand what they mean by the "shed" of insulin that the cat pulls from (hence  my saying I feel like I'm injecting today for the cat to use tomorrow)

I don't know for sure they are going to change, as I got second hand information, so we are going to cross that bridge when we get to it.  I'm picking her up tomorrow if all goes well.

No kittens at the shelter :(  I guess with having so few cats in general I knew I was crazy for even hoping.  But I could use a little kitten snuggle right about now.  Muffin is trying to convince me she is a kitten, and that makes me smile.

I also learned that the shelter recently started a new program for dogs.  You may have seen similar programs on TV - I know I have.  It is where they bring puppies into the jail to work with the inmates to help them learn basic social skills for a few weeks.  The first batch of puppies went in around Thanksgiving and just went up for adoption.  I couldn't help but be so happy for the puppies, the shelter and the inmates.  It is very similar to what I do fostering kittens.  The inmates do write ups for the pups.  One even knitted her pup a sweater!! 

So an easy Friday night sitting here listening to the wind buffeting the house, hanging out with the crew and reading my new book.  I got Simon's Cat "in Kitten Chaos" for Christmas, and I can't wait to read it.  I just hope it doesn't give me kitten fever.


  1. Fingers crossed that Beatrice is OK!
    And what a great deal for the puppies and the inmates--I've heard about these programs and what a win-win they are.

  2. I haven't had the experience yet of helping a diabetic cat. I suppose you must get a system figured out, like we did with Sub Q's for CRF. I hope all goes well for Beatrice!

  3. I hope Beatrice is ok and the vet gets her meds right for her.

    Someone in my family bought me all three volumes of Simon's Cat for Christmas. Am sorted now!

  4. We hopes Beatrice is ok! Thank you so much for the Secret Paws goodies. . . Mom wasn't able to pick them up from the Post Office till today. She'll post about them when she finds her camera computer connector thingy!

  5. Glad my info the other day helped you make sense of it! All of the insulins get crazy confusing.... :)

    And that's fascinating that the insulin acts differently for cats! Though I can't say I'm surprised, since it was formulated for humans' metabolism...

    Hope Beatrice does well at (extended) sleep away camp and comes home healthy!!!!


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