Sunday, January 8, 2012

Brianna and Fraser

From hence forth will be called.... Brianna and Duncan.  :)  Can't say I object to the names, but it did make conversation with DH a little difficult as I was trying to explain who was adopted at the shelter and then the email update from owners of the kitty formerly known as Fraser...

All reports say they are doing well.  Both of them had some watery eyes and sneezing after they got home, but considering what they had gone through prior, I was not surprised in the least.  Surgery no matter how minor is trauma to the body, and then with the challenge of the rabies vaccine (and I'm assuming the FVRCP booster) to their immune systems.

I laid out a baby blanket in the kitten room the last few days they were there.  I made it a point to rub everyone down with it, then left it in a popular sleeping spot.  When the kits went back to the shelter, I put that in a bag and sent it off to their new home.  I wish I could do this with all of my kittens, but attempts in the past have failed.  I was told it helped them a lot - and as you can see in the first few photos they seemed to appreciate it.

They have yet to meet their big brother and that is going to wait until they have had their vet check ups which considering the watery eyes is a good idea.
I do really hope the parents of Mackenzie, Murray, Clair and the original Duncan check in, that would be fun!


  1. Anonymous6:00 PM

    They are sooooo cute!!! Love the names too and hoping for no more sneezes and watery eyes!

  2. We're are really happy to know Clair and the other 3 kittens have homes too :)
    Brianna and Duncan send meows your away :)


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