Saturday, January 7, 2012

Murray and Mack went home

I stopped in the shelter today to get some more food for Beatrice.  Duncan and Clair were in a cat room waiting for a home.  Yea for Murray and Mack.  May they have a wonderful life.
I went to the shelter in search of a particular flavor of Fancy Feast cat food.  It is lower in carbs and plant based ingredients. Cats can't properly digest plant based ingredients and diabetic cats often have dramatically lower blood sugar levels when they eat foods that have little to none of them in it. Well despite having a plethora of food, they didn't have any of the particular flavor I feed.  I was so happy to see the shelves full of large cans of food, but alas none of the one I need, so I'm off to the store here in a bit to get some more.

Speaking of cats and food, I just found this on Twitter, and thought it a very interesting read...

Now that the kittens are off, I'll be highlighting Beatrice a bit more.  Hopefully someone will take a liking to her and we can get her a new home.  If not, then I hope we can get her off insulin so she can go back to the shelter and find a new home there.

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  1. Connie, thanks for sharing the article. Very interesting! So, when Tom says he has a sweet tooth, it's anatomically impossible! Silly boy!

    Take care, and I hope Beatrice finds a good home soon.

    Mom Julie, Tom, & Mittens


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