Monday, January 16, 2012

Foster Free

It really is quite odd not to have another cat to look after with Beatrice stuck at "Sleep Away Camp".  I mean I foster most of the spring, all summer and all fall, and usually right through the new year (as I did this year) and then I generally take care of my husband's aunt's cat "Boots"
Boots is unimpressed at my attempt to .. well do anything actually.
Unfortunately she is not doing well.  Neither is her husband for that matter, and this year they aren't going to Florida.  Well I'm sure Boots doesn't mind one little bit, but my heart goes out to the entire family every time I think of them.

Then there was pet sitting for a former foster of mine and his sister.  I have great photos of them somewhere, but the search feature on my blog says "oh no you don't!"   I have sat for them twice, but not in a while..
Teddy from his stint as a weather cat
There have been a few other diabetic cats that I have taken in during the winter months.  Another adult kitty who I fostered for a while to help him settle.  Licorice's fur was a mess and once I got him groomed he looked pretty sad.  He became settled, and better groomed, and he went back to the shelter, mostly because he didn't really bond with me (or my husband) at all and seemed very lonely.  Unfortunately the shelter got a major ringworm outbreak and he became a part of the casualties of trying to manage that.  It was not a popular decision, but sometimes you have to do what you have to do.

*sigh*  this post is becoming quite a downer isn't it??

Well I did get new picts of Brianna and (new)Duncan.  Seems they are doing quite well.  Sadly their older brother is having some issues that were most likely brought to the surface of the stress of his housemate and the addition of two new whippersnappers.  The Peoples are committed to making everyone happy - which is oh so wonderful to hear.   Older brother is under a vet's care and seems to be doing better, and I suspect we'll have a happy harmonious household (apparently I am a fan of alliteration) soon.

She says "The kittens are great and growing! Playful but also snugly :)"

:)  don't we all love snugly?
(new)Duncan's bedroom eyes (and look at those ears!!)
Sleepy boy
Oh how I just want to kiss her forehead..

I also had to share this..
I could not stop laughing, because I had the exact same thing happen at my house.  I originally bought a magnetic cat door when Em was diagnosed with cancer.  I wanted her to have a place to eat that the other cats couldn't get to.  (it worked except Em was too slow, and the other cats would be able to put their nose on her tail and follow her in.  One day every single cat was in there with her)  well it took a lot of abuse and so when Ollie was diagnosed with cancer, I thought I would replace it.  He won't eat if he is locked up, but I was hopeful that he'd be willing to go into a closed up room if he could do it on his own.  Well the door I bought was not well constructed and Muffin and Jack (my dish washer and garbage disposal) sat there and worked on it and got through it several times.  So we made a few modifications and one day I heard a loud noise and rushed to see Muffin with her own version of the above.  Well that went back to the store the next day.  I would have replaced it, but Ollie wasn't all that willing to go through a small hole with the cancer on his leg.

wow.. this is a bummer of a post isn't it?  Here, here's another kitten..


  1. Well, not everything in life is happy all the time, but kittens sure do make it a little brighter.

  2. We are certainly impressed at what you do for the foster kitties. That is a labor of love for sure.

    thanks for visiting us!


  3. Yes, life can be sad. Especially for sick kitties awaiting forever homes. But you're making it a much better place for many of those sweet cats. Bless you.
    Katie & Glogirly

  4. Look at it this way, downers make the uppers all the more enjoyed! You do a great job as far as I can tell :)

  5. Fostering is a tough duty, what with the little ones being so fragile and if you're successful, having to give them up. Kudos to you!

    Target is much better today. Thanks for your purrs!

  6. Anonymous7:36 PM

    You are so great for all the fostering you do! I really dont know how you do it! :o)


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