Thursday, January 12, 2012

Snow day

well the weather outside is frightful.. I had an appointment this morning about an hour away on the highway, and I had to drive 30-40 MPH to feel comfortable.  I saw four people off the road, and I can't tell you the number of snow washes I had to drive over and had to pray each time that my little car would make it and not get stuck on it.

So I got home around noon.  I should be at work, but when I called in to tell them how atrocious it is out there, no one answered the phone, so I'm not going in.

Which is nice, but it also is a problem.
Beatrice in front of the litter box box she likes to sit on
I have been avoiding blogging about Beatrice because I was so hoping I was being alarmist and it would work itself out.  But she stopped eating... well not exactly stopped, but in comparison, it is stopped.  She will have a few bites, but then wanders off.  Tuesday night she vomited several times (all liquid) and Wednesday she vomited once.  Last night she vomited once as well.  I called the shelter and they are about to go home for the day thanks to Jack Frost.. so she's got an appointment tomorrow.
Not that you would know it to spend any time with her.
Belly scritches please!!
No no, she's not dancing, just rolling over. She totally prefers to give you back to pat after you pat the front...


  1. Poor Beatrice. I'm crossing my fingers this can be sorted out and that all will be well.

    Glad you are home safe.

    We must have having the same storm system. Freezing rain all last night, rain this AM, a mix now. It's BAD out there, though the in-town roads have been salted and are just slushy.

    There was a terrible crash on highway 401 at the Joyceville exit, involving several tractor trailers and closing off the highway in both directions at that point. Not sure if there were any fatalities, I certainly hope not.

    Surprisingly, public transit was running mostly on time, at least at 6:15AM. And even more surprisingly, my physiotherapist made it only a few minutes late for my 7AM appt.

    Good thing you're home to stay now!

  2. What a scrumptious, sumptuous tummy!

  3. She's a cutie! I hope that she feels better soon. Keep us updated about how she's doing!

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  4. Sorry about Beatrice...we hope the appointment goes well tomorrow. Thanks so much for stopping by to visit our blog!
    Katie & Glogirly

  5. I hope your appointment with Beatrice went well today. Poor baby.

    The weather wasn't any better today. What a mess downtown!

    For some reason we thought you might be closer to Massachusetts than Maine. Silly me--hope we can catch up with each other at some point, Connie.

    We'll check back to see how Beatrice is doing. Meanwhile, hugs and purrs for both of you.

    Tom, Mom Julie & Mittens


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