Saturday, January 28, 2012

Have you ever heard...

Have you ever heard your kitties thoughts loud and clear??  They look at you and you have absolutely NO DOUBT what is going through their head?

I had just such a moment tonight.  I was late getting home and I was tired and hungry and so I proceeded to make my dinner.  The Crew were winding themselves around my ankles complaining that their dinner was also late and they were hungry.

A while ago, I purchased some dehydrated cat food to try to feed them when we didn't have enough raw food thawed out.  Well they didn't take well to it and it sat in the cupboard ever since.  Well I wanted to use it up, so I mixed it up and put it down for them.

They were all excited that their dinner plate was going down, and were doing the happy dance and singing.  Once the plate went down that all stopped.  They knew this was their dinner plate, they knew it was dinner time, but the "slop" on that plate was not food.. so several of them looked down at it, sniffed it, then looked at me and said "WHAT ON EARTH IS THIS!!???"

They stood transfixed over the spot, hoping the food would transform into something edible..

well at least they stopped harassing me, because as my husband so eloquently put it when I recounted the story to him, cause obviously Momma doesn't know how to feed them


  1. ROFL!!! Oh, yeah! Also occurs when the laser pointer stops. "That's it? Come OOOOON!"

    One day I reached, sort of half paying attention, and grabbed the pointer instead of a pen (they live in the same cup). 3 kittehs were on the ground in 3.76 seconds flat, looking up at me expectantly. When playing wasn't forthcoming, you could hear them saying, "You're nothing but a tease, you know that? Harrumph."

  2. There is nothing in the world that makes you feel so inadequate as THAT look from a cat! lol

  3. We kitties always make it clear about da food !

  4. Food is sacred. We send messages loud and clear what is acceptable. Usually it's too late and I meow out a swear word, hehe!



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