Thursday, January 26, 2012

JC Penny

Have you heard?

I am sure you have seen the über annoying commercial of people screaming. Well apparently Penny is going to really go with everyday prices and starting in February there will no longer have sales and everything will be marked down about 40%!!! Wow. And even better things won't end in .99. So a $24.99 pair of pants will be $12 (according to my local newscast)

I must say I am pleased and I will be going the next time I need clothes - or just to shop.

Although I have to say I am glad I do not work there. I can't imagine having to mark down the whole store. If I weren't over half an hour away I'd stop in sooner to see what was going on.

So what do you think? Will you be going?


  1. Yes, I just saw that commercial for the first time this morning and I couldn't believe how incredibly annoying it is! It made me want to scream!

    I guess they really want to get your attention.

    I'm a JCPenney fan and order lots from them online. We'll have to see what these real prices are like because I always went for the stuff in the outlet which could be marked down as much as 80%.

    I'll definitely check them out online again, though in February.

  2. We wonder how this will affect other stores...if any will follow suit! Should be interesting!!


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