Thursday, December 26, 2002

Five days left

Gave the kitties some premium cat food last night. sheba roast beef.. it was a big hit with the kittens, mom didn't seem all that interested. Melvin loved the taste, but wasn't that great at eating it. He's a licker of food, and that stuff doesn't break up upon licking, so he ended up pushing the tray around a bit. Several times he put his foot on the food to keep it from "getting away". Not sure he liked the feel of it under his foot though, as he often took it right off. Scooter was more interested in licking the container the food came in (yes, she is nuts) Izzy for once didn't search out what food was in every dish. Guess she figured what she had was "good enough".. lol

It snowed here something fierce last night. There was ice pellets driving against the window. That really interested mom, she ran across the room to jump up on the desk, then into the window.. but the desk was too slippery, and she ended up falling off the other side before jumping up into the window (its a basement room) she was none too happy about that. I eventually decided to lock the kittens up in the cage and play with mom. She was happy to be able to play, but she wasn't much into chasing and pouncing. She'd swat at it if it came near her, and try to eat it - with quite a bit of enthusiasm too - but one I started dragging it away she was pretty much no longer interested.

I fed them late last night. Went in quite early this morning. They acted like they hadn't eaten in days (although there was plenty of dry food left) They are such the bunch of liars.

I cleaned out Bugsy's and Melvin's ears. They get so bad. I still think its mites... but Bugsy was treated. Izzy wasn't but now her ears are pretty much clean all the time. they don't mind when I clean them with q-tips (yes.. I know.. you really shouldn't, but I am very careful) in fact they start purring. But they do NOT like the wash I have for them. Melvin took it the worst.. and fought me every step of the way... but then a moment after he was down he was cuddling up to me and purring. :) guess they are glad their ears are clean.

Sigh. five more days.. I still haven't decided how many of them I'm keeping. Some days its one. (cause the hubby wants bugsy) some days its all four.

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