Saturday, December 28, 2002

Melvin and the vomit

I went down this morning to feed the kitties, and melvin was laying in the kitty bed I brought home from the shelter. Everyone else was very happy to see me, but he just sat there. I cleaned up and played with the others, but he just sat there watching me. I finally broke out the food, and he still wasn't interested. So I pulled the bed closer to me and I took him out and he looked fine, so I cleaned him up, but terramycin in his eyes, and gave him his antibiotic. He went off, and crawled into the very dirty litter box and sat there. Almost as if sulking. I got him out of the litter box and proceeded to clean it, when Melvin decided to throw up. the antibiotic can cause that, so I wasn't too worried. He stuck his tongue almost completely out of his body, and had the heaves. only a little bit came out, but as soon as it did, his head went closer to the ground, and his tongue went into the litter that they had kicked out of the box (I SOOO need to vacuum that room!!) and he wasn't too happy about that. He threw up again, not nearly as much the second time. He then proceeded to stare at it.. almost as if amazed he produced something like that. I covered it up with litter, figuring the litter would dry it up. he wasn't happy with that. He continued to sit there and stare at the mound. This of course intrigued the other cats. They came over as if to ask what was going on. I tried to distract everyone away by replacing the litter box, but again Melvin was unhappy with that cause he couldn't see his creation as well. I eventually got him away from it with the cat teaser toy, but he soon lost interest in that, and went back to stare at the pile. *rolls eyes* I then grabbed him and put a little wet food in his mouth, but he still wasn't interested in eating. I had put nose drops in his nose, so I figured that it was affecting his sense of smell. Tonight he was running around like a fool, eating like a horse, attacking everything in site :)

Bugsy is still sneezing up goop. three more days.. Im sure izzy can't wait.. she keeps escaping from the room.. did it yet again tonight. Also broke out the bubbles again tonight, and mom actually swatted at a few :)

When I left the room, I started heading up stairs (I have a split entry so there is a landing half way up). Jack was on the landing, half laying half sitting. I talked baby talk to him, and then asked him if he wanted more kitties in the house. With perfect timing he threw himself backwards to end up laying on his back, as if to say "oh mom! you don't want MORE kitties"

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