Tuesday, December 17, 2002

A game of King of Connie

This is adorable. Well except the Rio part..

In the beginning, there was the heaven and the earth, and a cold breeze was blowing. This sucked, and the Lord was displeased. And the Lord said, "Let there be kitties!" and there were kitties, with whiskers and fuzzy ears, who twitched their tail-tips adorably, and it was good.

But the Lord wanted more. So the Lord said, "Let there be stripes!" and most of the kitties received this blessing, and showed off their precious, adorably cuddly tabby coats. And this was good.

So the kitties romped and played, but they became hungry, and asked the Lord for help. So the Lord said, "Let there be all manner of creatures from which the kitties can feed from!" And there were, and a wide variety of animals came into existence, whom the kitties hunted and played with. And this was good.

But the kitties were still bored. So The Lord said, "Let there be humans!" and the humans came into existence, to forever be slaves of the adorable whiskered kitties and entertain them until the end of time. And it was good. The Lord was happy, so he retired and went to Rio.

Bugsy's eyes were watering last night. I was looking him over, and peeking in his ears (these ear mites are awful tenatious) and scooter came up and started washing his face. I could almost hear him roll his eyes.. but he let her. I hung out there for a while. Laid down on the floor, and a nice game of king of the connie ensuded. after a while they just settled down and sat on me and purred. That's always fun. :)

Mom seems to be doing a bit better. She's been bored out of her mind and spending her day licking her ankles. Ive been praising her when she plays, and spending time patting and paying attention to her. She's still having a hard time not giving in to the kittens.. but at least she's willing to eat around them now... well a bit.

and speaking of food.. the Iams ocean fish.. EEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWW.. that stuff looks horrid, it smells horrid, and of course that means the kittens really like it. but then again its not iams kitten food.. so that's good for them. Some of the cans of the kitten food... the consistancy has been off.. kinda like pudding.. made me think of mushy poop.

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