Wednesday, December 4, 2002

Feeling better

well it looks like the kittens are on the right road.. :) They were running around like fools yesterday. They even did a flying belly slap.. where they run at each other then jump up at the last minute and look like they are slapping bellies.

that move never fails to make me laugh. Melvin was attacking his siblings which was a great sign. Also loved to get some attention from me. :) Tonight I was cleaning up the room and scooter went to use the litter I hadn't cleaned up yet. I figured that was a good thing cause then she wasn't going to go in freshly cleaned litter which is always very frustrating. I still haven't figured out why when your cleaning it out litter is the worlds most fascinating thing. Anyway, she crawls out of the box and starts doing a sit scoot around the carpet. I grabbed her and found she had some poop stuck to her tail. I threw her in the cage and locked it while I cleaned out the litter. Found out the whole thing needed to be changed out, so we did that, and poof, izzy is in there playing like there's no tomorrow. *rolls eyes* Grabbed scooter, brought her up stairs and proceeded to try to wash her off. Fortunately she had taken most of it off herself, (YUCK! but YEA!) She doesn't take baths well. even spot baths. So I grabbed her front legs in one hand, and the back legs in another and proceeded to slide her under the water. and what does she do? she BITES me. grrrr.. I moved my hand out of her mouth, and so what does she do? she bites me again, and harder!! I thought I was ok till after the whole shebang, when I see I am actually bleeding a little. not much. probably not even enough to get a dna sample out of (yes, I watch too much law and order) but its enough for me to be annoyed. She really is a very adorable kitten, but she is no good at listening. But she did enjoy the food I gave her

I was 'lucky' and got some Iams kitten food for them. Now, if you've never had kittens and Iams kitten food, you will not be aware that this stuff is to kittens as liver and onions are to kids. They do not like it at all. Well.. they'll eat till they aren't hungry any more, but that's it!! I'm only feeding them a can of food cause if I give them too there is a lot of waste, and this way they will eat the dry food as well. Well yesterday they ate the dry food and left quite a bit of the kitten food for me. lol. Well either way, they are getting the nutrients they need, which is important. Tonight I went back to the salmon food and I gave a small can of fancy feast to mom. well izzy and scooter (the girls) ditched the salmon and went for mom's food. Poor mom doesn't eat if the kittens push her out of the way. However, mom's tail is like the best kitten toy in the whole room. When ever she walks anywhere they couldn't resist attacking it. Izzy also likes to attack the fuse box. No idea why, but she does.

They are so cute. I should get some more pictures put up for you guys.

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