Monday, December 23, 2002

Kittens = Gauntlet

went down last night to feed and play with the kitties. Scooter has chewed up both tubes of eye ointment I have.. *grrrr*. I should make a point to get to the shelter today to get some more as izzy is holding one of her eyes a bit closed. We were playing with them, and the hubby noticed that the four kittens hold the personalities of the characters of the video game gauntlet game (a screen shot) Bugsy is warrior, Melvin is the wizard, Izzy is Valkyrie and Scooter is the elf. I laughed so hard when I realized he was right.

There are a few presents under the tree now. Ollie and Jack are playing chase and they are getting in the way. I hope they don't "unwrap" the presents :)

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