Sunday, December 8, 2002

Melvin loves his nip

Melvin LOVES catnip. He attacks it, rolls in it, attacks anyone who comes near it.gets the munchies after consuming it all.. :) at least he's not an angry nipper. My first cat would take your hand off when under the influence. Mom really likes it too. So does scooter. Bugsy really wasn't that interested, but I think he couldn't smell it. Izzy got into it a little, but when melvin came flying at it, she ran. it was ever so adorable. Bugsy's face seems to have cleared up. He was slorging a little when eating, and wheezing a little when breathing, but nothing as bad as he has been, his eyes have cleared up and there wasn't anything crusted on his nose. YEA!. Melvin is still weeping a little, and snotting a little, but he's getting nice and plump, and being downright adorable.

Small Jack update. Today he decided to eat cheez-its. man that cat will eat just about anything.

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