Saturday, December 14, 2002

Catching up with the kittens

Well it seems two of my fosters are taking after my eldest cat Em. Bugsy goes poo, and then scrapes at the side of the box and never actually covers it up. Scooter is becoming obsessive about this licking thing. *rolls eyes* although one thing Scooter does that Em doesn't is she's kinda perverted about it. Last night Bugsy had a little something left on his behind when he was done with the litter.. I grabbed him and held him while I went to get something to clean him off. Scooter took care of it for me. Then this morning she was attacking my leg, and trying to nuzzle into my crotch.. she is one weirdo kitty.. She also seems to be begging for attention but when I give it to her she runs away. Not sure what that is all about.

Bugsy and Mel are on the med. They both look like kitties that have suffered a cold... but bugs isn't wheezing nearly as bad, although most times when I go down there he does have a bit of snot caked on his nose.. and Melvin looks a lot better. His eyes are obviously still doing something cause I cleaned his face off last night and this morning it was dirty again Although I say that hes doing better and this morning he had blood on his nose. . Izzy had some on hers last night but it turned out to just be a small cut. guess she got a little too rough with something or other.

I think the mom cat is going insane. She's missing patches of fur off her back legs probably cause she just licks them all day long. She's quite submissive when it comes to the kits.. letting them eat the food she wants to eat, and play with the things she wants to play with.. so most of the day she's just sitting around looking at them. Last night I got her to play a little, but as soon as she started, a kitten would jump on the toy and that would be that. Although she did chase Izzy a little, but once she caught her, I could tell she realized she was doing something wrong. I tried to praise her, but I don't think she cared what I thought.

I need to go to the shelter today and get some more meds for them.. they are having an open house so I'll probably be there for a while.. :)

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