Friday, December 6, 2002

Set #9

There are four kittens in this set. They are not siblings. One had a mom who was lactating heavily so she went to live with set #8.. but when it got cold I put them all in the same room. The result is a massive round of URI, so in some of the shots they look a little downtrodden.. but they are incredibly sweet.

  • Bugsy is the long-haired tabby. He is very friendly and likes to have his tummy rubbed. Before he got sick he would sit at the door and cry to get out and explore
  • Izador-able not quite sure on the name for this one.. she looks like Isabel from set #7.. White long hair with dark spots but with more spots. So I've been calling her Izzy.. she'll be going back soon so something should come soon.
  • Scooter - white with gray.. and incredible blue eyes. Likes to scoot around the door as I'm trying to shut her in
  • Melvin - black and white. Loves to be cuddled too.

  • Update
    I ended up adopting three of the four of these kittens. Bugsy whom we named Kodi, Scooter who we named Muffin, and Melvin who we named Eli. Sadly Kodi became very sick and needed to be put to sleep. His story is here

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