Wednesday, December 11, 2002

Bugsy is sick.

Sigh. Yet again Bugsy has decided that he is actually sick. His nose was all most all plugged up again. I went to feed them this evening, and they were happy about it. I got home from shopping this afternoon and mom was meowing. I sent the hubby down to check it out, and izzy escaped. She got all the way upstairs and under the bed. *shakes head* hubby is so slow some times *wink*

Anyway.. they were fine, just out of food. I put some dry food down then went out for a while. Just came home and sat with them for a while. As soon as bugsy's hunger was slaked, he crawled up in my lap for some lovin. Izzy walked by me and so I reached out to pat her. We are still working on that whole not cowering thing. This time she laid down and took it like a kitty. Even started purring... and at one point was louder than bugsy!! lol. She then proceeded to climb up into my lap!!! Have I mentioned she has this kathleen turner kind of purr? Very deep, kinda sexy.. well for a cat..

I got some more food from the shelter. they had real live kitten food.. (no.. not made out of real live kittens.. geeze) so I grabbed it all. I felt a little bad, but these guys have been sick for so darn long, a good influx of nutrients hopefully will do the trick.

I also bought a thermometer. a nice digital one that has a high low memory. I went down with it. its 60 degrees down there. the heat finally kicked in and after a few moments it was up to 62. I definitely think that room needs a heater... that can't be good for them. although I have a question in to my yahoo cat group to see what they think the room should be set to. One of these days I'm going to have to investigate why that room is so freakin cold all the time. The house is only five years old (we had it built) although the contractor was ... well let's just say not totally thorough. He left a hole in the house big enough for my 17lb cat (at the time) to get out.

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