Friday, December 27, 2002

Kittens are still sick

this URI is holding on for dear life. Each time I swear its going to be done and cleared up, they turn around and get all goopy again. at least its not as bad as its been. Four more days and I can get them tested (sends up prayer that they are negative).. I wonder if that room is affecting them as its a little mold in the room.. Some of the other cats would get all icky looking when I kept them cooped up in a room, but when they had free run of the house they cleared up immediately... so hopefully soon they will be able to have run of the house, and see if that helps. that and I can't wait to clean up that room, those kittens are so freakin messy..

Izzy escaped again today.. I was replacing the litter box, so there was a big opening when I walked in with it, and off she went. I immediately shut the door so the others wouldn't get out, she had free run of the house I was sure it was going to take forever to find her, but she only went and sat under the pool table. I got her in just a few moments.

Jack wanted to nurse on me this morning. The poor thing keeps biting me now.. Really hurt me at one point so I had to throw him off. He had no idea I felt so bad. I so love that cat..

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