Sunday, December 22, 2002

Catching up

wow.. its been since the 18th since I told you how wonderful the kittens are? lol. well then, they are wonderful. Melvin and Bugsy take tiny baby steps to being better. Today Bugsy had no snot caked on his nose, but his eyes looked like he just saw a really sad movie. Melvin had some caked on his nose. I went and saw them last night after being away for 24 hours, and they seemed VERY happy to see me. Scooter used me several times to get to some place else.. She jumped on my back then jumped on something else. She's such a riot.

Broke out the bubbles again. They so love those. They have started swatting at them more, and once they pop them, they keep looking around wondering where it just went. Bugsy tends to do it with two paws, and ends up in a praying position. Scooter jumps around standing upright on her back two feet.

They all really want to leave that room. Nine more days.. well eight.. sigh. *prays for a good outcome on their tests*

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