Thursday, December 12, 2002

Cleaning the kitten room

I did a little reorganizing in the kitten room today. I was planning on taking the kittens out of there and vacuuming, but I realized it will only be two more weeks, and they will just mess it up again, so I just used a carpet broom to get the worst of it up. The kittens quite enjoyed having me in there for an extended period of time. I have a carpet square ( you know the kind.. they are about the size of a placement) in there that I was using in front of the litter box to try to catch the most of the litter as they walk out, but alas, that was futile, so I threw it on top of the dresser that is in that room, when I was just in there I found the carpet upside down and under the dresser. I can't for the life of me figure out how they did that.

When I was done, I did some other cleaning, much to the dismay of my sinuses. I took a break and went back into the kitten room and sat on the rocking chair. Scooter and I did a little cuddling, then Izzy jumped up on my lap all on her own. That made me smile. I put my legs up on the other chair in the room. Then Melvin joined in and then my legs became the coolest playground. *rolls eyes* fortunately their claws didn't get past my jeans..

What I don't understand is why they are soo food picky. Probably cause they keep getting different foods. for the past couple of days they haven't finished off what I have given them... but yet they are begging for more.. *sigh* guess that's the downside of living off donations.. no consistency. At least I've been having luck getting good litter. I make a point though to always take the brands that I like when I see them, even if I'm no where near being out. That one time I got a store brand.. *shiver* will not do that again..

Bugsy's eyes are still watering, but his nose wasn't caked. Melvin's eyes look better, but his nose was worse. I hope this storm coming this weekend isn't too bad so I can get down to the shelter to get some more meds when I help out at the open house..

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