Monday, December 2, 2002

Melvin is home!!!


Got a call this morning from the vet saying his fever was down, and he looked a lot better, and things were good enough for him to come home. He's still sneezing a lot, and his eye while it looks great needs meds, but he's home!! Was so happy to see me, purred like a fool. Did the not so silent meow on the way home.. cause he knew I wasn't looking at him so he made it squeak a little. I felt horrible leaving him in the cage to drive home, but hey.. safety first. Got home, put him in the kitten room. I was curious how they would react to having him back.. scooter and bugsy were more than happy to see me. Could not have cared less if melvin was in the room.. lol. I sat in there and cuddled with them for a while. Eventually izzy and mom figured out he smelled a little off, so they spent some time sniffing him and head butting. It was cute... even when izzy shoved her nose right up mel's butt.. lol

He is on meds for a minimum of 10 days.. but HE'S HOME!!! yea!! Man I missed him.

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