Friday, December 6, 2002


Its official. Jack is insane. Either that or he was a human in another life. He eats ANYTHING. the other day it was cornbread stuffing. I could justify that cause it might have had some gravy on it. Last night, it was popcorn. Kettle popcorn too, so it was sweetened. Today its acorn squash. He's not just eating it, he's devouring it. Jack over there, trying to find a good place to play with his ball. He walked around with that thing for five minutes looking for a good place to play. *shakes head* he's nutso, but I love him. In case you don't know... Jack was originally a foster.

Emerald, the eldest resident cat, decided to sleep on my pillow last night. although I think it was more so she could sit closer to and look longingly at the treat jar. and yes.. I gave in.. :)

the kittens are doing well. Last night bugsy was attacking the stick toy. It's a long black plastic stick thing (about the width of a pencil and about three feet long) that has a suede tassel on the end. I had him running around like an absolute fool. The others like to chase it, but bugsy just pushed them out of the way. Melvin and izzy love jumping up in the air for it. Scooter likes to stand up and bat at it. Izzy also likes to climb the chair to catch it. She is SOOOo the hang in there kitty. She jumps firsts then wonders if it was a good idea later on. This morning bugsy was wheezing pretty badly and wasn't so much into chasing it, so I used the pediatric nose drops that someone in the foster care newsgroup recommended and poof, the wheeze was gone and he was almost obsessive about getting it. I would let the others bat at it, and I could hear bugsy saying "that's not how you do it! you kill it not bat at it! geeze!". He also has THE biggest paws. They are about two thumb widths big, where as the others are the width of one, and maybe a little extra. Melvin and bugsy both still have runny eyes, and snotty noses... but its so much better than it has been in such a long time. Melvin's is goopy and bugsy's is crusty. Scooter was sneezing a little too.. sigh.. I so hope she's not coming down with anything.

Btw.. don't forget. Tis the season to remember your local animal shelter. If you don't have one, please consider helping out the Kennebec shelter. They recently had to take in 170 cats from one man who recently died. They were all under fed and in bad shape. you can read the story here or contact them directly at Kennebec Valley Humane Society Augusta, Maine 207-626-3491

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