Wednesday, April 2, 2003

First kittens of 2003

Well.. the fosters are in the house. There are four kitties and a mom. One is a little black and white girl kitty and the other three are male orange tigers with white bibs and paws. The girl is so much smaller than her brothers, and someone (I'm assuming it was her cause she did it again once at home) threw up on the way home. So they aren't quite picture worth right now.

The mom is a money cat. I'm assuming dad was a manx, because the girl kitty has half a tail, one of the marmalade trio has 3/4ths of a tail, and one of the other has a very skinny one. We've got case of URI.. so we are treating with clavamox. Not fun with the dropper they give with the medicine.. and my syringes are all missing the print hash marks, so I'm going to have to pick a new one up when I go back. One of the boys does NOT like it at all.. its not a good tasting medicine by any stretch of the imagination, but he reacted quite badly to it.

and now the fun part.. names.. *ugh* otis otis otis and runt girl? lol.

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