Thursday, April 17, 2003

Sally is doing better and Jack is coughing.

Sally is eating more and more.. doing well. I'm thinking I'll bring her back this weekend. *crosses fingers that nothing else goes wrong*

Jack was sleeping on the top of my chair a little while ago. Woke himself up coughing. Wasn't a hair ball type cough. I got concerned and knelt on the chair to look at him. He was just coughing, so I patted him and tried to keep him calm. he didn't want me to do that, so he got up and went into the kitchen. Still concerned I got up and followed him. His coughing caught everyone else's attention, and we were all huddled around jack. (except Em who was sleeping in the other room). Jack walked off again coughing. He stopped coughing and looked at me. I went over and told him it was okay to cough anything up if he needed to, or if he just wanted to cough that was fine. Ollie walked up to him and head bumped him, and started acting protective.. even to the extent of swiping at Eli. Jack walked off and started coughing again. I didn't want to continue to bug him, so I went back into the living room. He seems to have stopped now, but this really has been one strange thing. Jack doesn't usually cough. Its usually muffin that does. Although we did have day of kitty beauty this morning, so maybe in the combing, or the teeth brushing, or the eating of the treats so that no one else could get them, something wasn't as it should have been. *reminds self not to get paranoid*

and yes.. this is kitty soap opera.. kitty light? as the kitty turns? Another kitty? *giggle*

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