Friday, April 11, 2003

Sally still isn't feeling well

Sally is still here and still not feeling well. She had her second round of fluids today. The room was a little bit chilled, so were the fluids, so after I got them all in she was actually shivering. I cuddled her for a while as I waited for the heater to warm up the room. She seems to be absorbing this round a bit better, but she's still totally not interested in food.. not even meat baby food, which is usually the equivalent of death by chocolate to kitties. I'm going to have to call the vet tomorrow. She left a message on my machine.. they lost the blood work.. so she'll probably have to go back in, which could be interesting since I have a baby shower tomorrow.. Looks like Emerald is coming down with URI as well. This concerns me. Will just have to keep a good eye on her.

So anyway.. since sally didn't eat the baby food, I didn't want it to go to waste, so I brought it upstairs It was uncontaminated.. I quietly put it next to my chair with a spoon. A few minutes later when muffin and Eli were wrestling in the kitchen, I grabbed jack and offered it to him, with a warning that if he made too much noise muff and Eli would find out. So we sat there for a few moments.. jack happily licking away at his all time favorite food. Muffin chased Eli into the living room.. He was about to jump up on my ottoman, when he saw what was going on.. he stopped dead in his tracks. Muffin jumped up behind him, but also saw what was going on and also stopped dead. For almost two full seconds (a VERY long time.. trust me) they just sat there, standing upright on their back feet, muffin almost hugging Eli.. looking like two kids who had just run into a wall. It was the FUNNIEST thing they have done in a while. They them jumped up in my lap, and Eli started licking the cover I was holding next to the jar, and Muffin barged in on the spoon that jack was licking. Eventually Eli got in on the spoon, and all I could see were kitty heads and tongues.. the only way I knew the spoon was empty was when they would pull back a bit. I was laughing so hard. They made quick work of the jar.. and off they went.. but Eli left me a little foot print on my leg.. You know when you cross your legs and then you uncross them there is a mark.. well it was like that. it was so cute..

They are now in the kitchen where I tossed the empty jar and cover.. they are determined to get every last molecule out of that jar.. and if anyone can do it.. muffin can. That cat has one very long tongue.

Muffin lounging around

Eli making it difficult for me to do my taxes

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